Jornadas de Formación en Aguas Abiertas with Damián Blaum

Courtesy of KAATSU Global, Huntington Beach, California.

38-year-old International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer Damián Blaum of Argentina has enjoyed and endured one of the most prolific careers on the professional marathon swimming circuit.

He has created Jornadas de Formación en Aguas Abiertas with Damián Blaum, a 24-hour 8-week virtual educational curriculum of open water swimming.

In collaboration with Asociación Natatio Argentina, the Spanish-language online program is modeled and structured to improve the competitive capacities of the coaches, trainers, teachers, athletes and fans with new resources and tools to learn more about open water swimming.

Program Modules:
1. Open Water: What is it? Where do you compete? What are the distances and modalities? What skills are necessary? Elite and amateur levels and the history
2. Training methodology for long distances
3. Psychological preparation for open water and marathon swimming distance
4. Specific exercises for open water training
5. Transition from pool to open water
6. Nutrition and hydration
7. Altitude training; when and how?
8. Strength training for marathon swimming
9. How to organize a quality, safe open water event with Fernando Ciaramella
10. Training methods of the top world powers in open water swimming
11. Final day with a surprise guest

Blaum talked about many of his global adventures and professional races over his long career with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison on a May 2020 edition of WOWSA Live:

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