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St. Petersburg in winter is especially beautiful in early March when the days become longer and the spire of Peter and Paul fortress is shining gold against the blue sky. 40-cm thick ice still covers the Neva river. The water is clear from the pesky weeds.
For winter swimming enthusiasts, it’s the best time and location to sum up their training season by taking part in St. Petersburg Big Neva Open Cup on February 29 – March 1, 2020. Those of you who are active in open water in the summer season but still are worried about swimming in cold water even in the wetsuit have chance to overcome your fear by getting a safe experience of swimming a short distance bareskin in the ice cold water.

We will cut a 25-m pool in the ice of the Neva river. Each of the three lanes of the pool will be equipped with the ladders and turning walls on both ends, per IWSA standards. In the previous years, the night air temperature dropped down to -18°C. To prevent the pool from freezing, we use a special equipment of our own unique design. Expected water temperature +0.4°С, air temperature -12°С.

We will set up heated tents and inflatable modules right on the snowy beach of Peter and Paul fortress. The participants and spectators will be served with hot tea. There will be a mobile sauna and a hot tub for the swimmers’ recovery.

Professional highly equipped rescue divers will provide safety to the swimmers. There will be an ambulance on duty close to the pool side.

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