Jessi Harewicz Completes Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming

Jessi Harewicz Completes Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming

Jessi Harewicz Completes Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming

Courtesy of Rondi Davies, Manhattan Island.

Jessi Harewicz, named as the one of the World’s 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women in 2019, enthralled the audience at the 2018 Open Water Summit at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California last November.

Her raw honesty, her humble nature, her humor, her entertaining insights of the open water swimming world and her heartfelt descriptions of her local swims were wonderful to hear and motivational for many who were fortunate to hear Jessi speak,” recalled Steven Munatones.  “She is not the fastest or famous, but her authenticity and genuine spirit has put her on the global open water swimming map.”

Now the 35-year-old from Vancouver, Canada set another stake in the ground with her achievement of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming when she completed an 8 hour 37 minute circumnavigation swim around Manhattan Island on June 1st at the 20 Bridges Swim.

Without a doubt, there will be much more to come from Jessi,” predicted Munatones.

Official 20 Bridges Swim Results:

  1. Zach Margolis (30, San Francisco, USA) 7:33:03 [Triple Crown achieved]
  2. James Janik (42, Colorado, USA) 7:35:43 [Triple Crown achieved]
  3. Avishag Turek (43, Shefayim, Israel) 7:39:12 [Triple Crown achieved]
  4. Fiona Mildner (39, East Sussex, Great Britain) 7:41:26
  5. Elizabeth Almond (44, Georgia, USA) 7:43:53
  6. Melanie Holland (43, Norfolk, Great Britain) 7:45:37
  7. Anna-Carin Nordin (47, JÃttendal, Sweden) 7:50:37 [Triple Crown achieved]
  8. Mark Sheridan (44, Kent, Great Britain) 7:52:27 [Triple Crown achieved]
  9. Cynthia Werhane (49, Oregon, USA) 7:52:45
  10. Steve Stievenart (41, Hauts de France, France) 7:55:09
  11. Gerald Devin (53, Wicklow, Ireland) 8:11:22
  12. Melissa Blaustein (30, California, USA) 8:14:55
  13. Janice Burton (55, Maryland, USA) 8:15:11
  14. Samiir Wheaton (48, Rajasthan, India) 8:24:53
  15. Jessi Harewicz (35, Vancouver, Canada) 8:37:34 [Triple Crown achieved]
  16. Tim Garrett (55, New South Wales, Australia) 8:40:49

In addition to Harewicz’s achievement, Zach Margolis, James Janik, Avishag Turek, Mark Sheridan and Anna-Carin Nordin all achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with their individual 28.5-mile circumnavigation swims around Manhattan Island.

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