Coach & Crew Membership

$75.00 $30.00

  • Get recognized for your accomplished coaching and crewing career
  • List training events and clinics on our global calendar
  • Find new swimmers for remote or in-person support
  • Identify swimmers training for specific swims where you have expertise
  • Apply for official WOWSA certifications
  • Link your account to swimmers you train


Swimmers need an expert guide!  Coaches and crew play an important role in the community– from introducing people to the sport to guiding them through their swimming journey, to helping them choose and train for the most rewarding swims. But most supporting actors in open water only reach a limited number of swimmers. The Coach & Crew Membership, provides a platform to showcase your philosophy, list your training events and clinics on a global calendar, find new swimmers for remote or in-person training, or give advice, create training plans, and get ready for specific swims.


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