Terence Parkin Knows No Limits

Terence Parkin is a special person. "I sat right next to him throughout the weekend," said Ashley Twichell, winner of the aQuellé Midmar Mile. "He is a very genuine, humble, friendly guy." Parkin was born [...]

Swimming Is An Adventure

Sean Conway did a relatively simple charity swim with the 8-mile Charity Club at the aQuellé Midmar Mile in South Africa this weekend. It was fun, he was smiling and the weather was great. Very [...]

aQuellé Midmar Mile Specials

The aQuellé Midmar Mile is currently running specials on its various commemorative products: Glodina 40th anniversary Midmar Mile towels @ R120.00 Glodina 40th anniversary Midmar Mile towels – Factory seconds @ R100.00 Engraved 40th anniversary [...]