Rough Water, Angry Open Water

When the Tsugaru Channel was added to the Oceans Seven, most channel swimmers around the world said, "Where is that? There are tides in the English Channel, jellyfish in the North Channel, huge ocean swells [...]

Luci Can Help Across The Tsugaru Channel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. With the Tsugaru Channel swimming season ready to kick-off with Triple Crown swimmer Brad McVetta's attempt this coming week, there is always a need to keep channel swimmers illuminated [...]

Swim Of Peace Ouma – Djerba In Tunisia

On June 2nd on Athenée Beach in Djerba, Tunisia, Nejib Belhedi organized an Ouma event. 450 children and teenagers as well as representatives from the United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Tunisia, and Libya took part in [...]

Adam Walker Shares Ouma And His Passion

Adam Walker is raising money for a variety of environmental causes (Sportsaid and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) while venturing around the world on the Oceans Seven challenge. With the English Channel (solo in [...]

Challenging The Oceans Seven In Asia

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California The Oceans Seven includes 2 channels in the United Kingdom (North Channel and English Channel), 1 channel in the Mediterranean (Strait of Gibraltar), 1 channel in Oceania (Cook Strait), [...]

Aloha From One Island To Another

It was an unusual year in the Hawaiian islands. There were 17 channel attempts and 17 successes. It is an unusual year with a 100% success rate. The success probably had several factors working in [...]

Adam Walker Among The Oceans Seven Adventurists

With Adam Walker's nearly 17-hour conquest of the Molokai Channel along an unprecedented route that torturously took him along the southern coast of Oahu yesterday, the British swimmer joins the growing group of marathon swimmers [...]

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