Will FINA Be Replaced By WSA?

Craig Lord of Vortex writes, "The founding principles of the World Swimming Association, officially adopted in Cleveland this week as the organisation that intends to take over the global governance of the sport, were backed [...]

Lisa Batey, Not Lost In Translation

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Lisa Batey is an American athlete, coach and licensed sports massage therapist living in Kanagawa, Japan. She coaches in Hayama that sits at the northern end of Miura Peninsula, [...]

NCAA Agrees Triathlon Is Emerging

Years ago, we predicted that the NCAA would eventually recognize triathlon as an official sport. Frankly, we are surprised that it took this long, but the NCAA recognized triathlon as an emerging sport in an [...]

Body Language In Coaching – On Deck

This coming September at the 2010 American Swimming Coaches Association World Clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana, Canadian coach and renowned lecturer Dr. Monika Schloder will give an in-depth guest presentation on Body Language in Coaching: A [...]