Attempting A 210 km Swim From Taiwan To China

Courtesy of Ryan Stramrood, somewhere between Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and mainland China. In 2007, South Africa's Ryan Stramrood received an unexpected email while sitting in his office in South Africa. "I didn't have much [...]

How Low Can They Go?

How Low Can They Go? Courtesy of WOWSA, Southern Ocean, Antarctica. With Bhakti Sharma's recent Antarctica swim generating waves of congratulations across India, where does her 41-minute 1.4-mile swim in 1ºC water rank in the [...]

Ryan Stramrood At The Bottom Of The World

Courtesy of Ryan Stramrood of Cape Town, South Africa who completed a 32-minute ice mile amid scattered ice blocks, large icebergs, orcas, and leopard seals with Ram Barkai, Kieron Palframan, Toks Viviers, Andrew Chin and [...]

Tough Hardened Adventurers Of South Africa

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Night Jar Travel offers comprehensive guides to South Africa via a magazine and destination guide. It also sponsors a Night Jar Adventurers of the Year award in South Africa. [...]

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