Thomas Tribe Takes On Tough Trial

Courtesy of Sarah Thomas, Lake Powell on the Arizona- Utah border. Sarah Thomas of Colorado has quite a resume of marathon swims around the world. But if there is a sweet spot in her resume, [...]

NOWSA Honors Marilyn Bell Di Lascio

Courtesy of Northwest Open Water Swimming Association, Washington. The Northwest Open Water Swimming Association (NOWSA) is a non-profit corporation in the state of Washington that promotes interest in swimming in Pacific Northwest waters (including the [...]

Andrew Malinak Honors The Legacy Of Bert Thomas

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. 1...2...3...breathe right...1...2...3...breathe left. Andrew Malinak replicated Bert Thomas's 18.5-mile swim from Tacoma to West Seattle in the state of Washington with a steady pace of 3 arm strokes and [...]

Smiling And Swimming All Day And Night

Photo courtesy of Andrew Malinak in Idaho. Elaine Howley swam to shore to the roar of the crowd, smiling all the way from the southern shores of Lake Pend Oreille to her finish in Sandpoint [...]

7 Uber Days Between 8 Long Bridges

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The fourth annual 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim took place between June 18th - 25th under the direction of David Barra and Rondi Davies. The world’s longest open water [...]

Wristwatches Are A No, But GPS Is A Yes

When Jason Lassen swam across the Catalina Channel in 2010, he channeled the spirit of Captain Matthew Webb in ways that most marathon swimmers do not. Lassen (shown on left) completed his crossing of the [...]

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