First World Cup Marathon Swim In Eilat

Eilat's North beach in Israel will host its first open water competition as part of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit on April 1st. Similar to the upcoming Olympic Marathon Swimming 10 km [...]

La Patagones Viedma 2012 Results

VIEDMA, Argentina. Eva Fabian led the 1-2 American finish FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup event in Viedma, Argentina. During a year she is taking time off from Yale University, she is making up some [...]

Results From Santos (Brazil) FINA 10K World Cup

1. Martina Grimaldi (Italy) 2:22:23.94 2. Angela Maurer (Germany) 2:22:25.50 3. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) 2:22:28.44 4. Nadine Reichert (Germany 2:22:29.85 5. Emily Brunemann (USA) 2:22:31.00 6. Claire Thompson (USA) 2:22:31.00 7. Alexandra Sokolova (Russia) [...]

FINA Highlights Its Open Water Swimming Stars

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. FINA launched a new section in its website devoted to the profile of its aquatic superstars. Among those athletes featured on FINA's website include those athletes below who medaled [...]

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