The Success Of Failure In The Open Water

Courtesy of Katie Benoit, recently emerged from the North Channel. The sport of open water swimming is inherently risky. There is always a possibility that one's goals will not be achieved due to the tempestuous [...]

Freezing Freestyle, Magda Okurkova-style

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. When we observe Usain Bolt run, his speed boggles our mind. When we observe Michael Phelps swim, we think, "How does he swim so fast?" When we see other [...]

Never Giving Up and Doing The Oceans Seven

To kick off the Global Open Water Swimming Conference, Stephen Redmond and Anna-Carin Nordin gave a fascinating swim-by-swim description of their Oceans Seven achievement. The audience was in total rapture. “I had this perfect day, [...]

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