The Loneliness Of A Marathon Swimmer

Training for a channel swim can be lonely. Hours and hours of solitary swimming, both back and forth in a pool and up and back along the shoreline. Alone with their own thoughts with limited [...]

Bering Strait Relay Members Confirmed

Ram Barkai (shown below), Kieron Palframan, Ryan Stramrood and Andrew Chin (South Africa), Rafal Ziobro (Poland), Zdenek Talmicka and Petr Tomasek (Czech Republic), Jack Bright (United Kingdom), Nuala Moore and Anne Marie Ward (Ireland), Alexander [...]

Anna-Carin Nordin Completes Molokai

According to a Michelle Macy tweet, "Anna-Carin Nordin completed Molokai Channel after 18+ hours. She looks amazing and all smiles".After her 43.4K solo from Eckerö, Finland to Grisslehamn, Sweden in 14 hours 31 minutes under [...]

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