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Ger Kennedy Achieves Ice Sevens

Ger Kennedy Achieves Ice Sevens Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Portillo, Chile. Ger Kennedy knew his last Ice Mile was going to be difficult - but he was physically, psychologically, logistically and emotionally prepared for the challenge. His ultimate goal was to become the first man and second person after Jaimie Monahan to achieve the Ice Sevens, but he

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Sirena De Hielo Does Ice Swim Calving

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Bárbara Hernández Huerta, a winter swimmer from Chile who won two gold medals at the 2016 Winter World Swimming Championships in Tyumen (Russia), was swimming along the O'Higgins Glacier in Chile when it started calving. Hernández, whose nickname is Sirena De Hielo, swam while the glacier was calving. As

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