Google Googles For The Open Water?

Traditional Swedish goggles or Aquasphere’s wide-angle lens? Mirrored or clear? Prescription or optical? Open water swimmers have so many choices of their favored goggles – and the choices continue to expand as the sport grows. [...]

Waves, Oh Swell

Evan Slater and Peter Taras co-authored Swell: A Year Of Waves, a magnificent book of beautiful photographs and engaging essays about giant ocean swells that start in different places around the world. These swells are [...]

Never Ever Easy Training Alone

Dan Martin, Ben Lecomte, Penny Palfrey and Diana Nyad...can there be any group of aquatic athletes training as intensely as these four? Martin does between 2 and 8 hours of swimming per day to get [...]

Are You On The Interwet?

Interwet is a slang term used for content on the Internet and online social networks that pertains to aquatic activities, events or individuals covering topics from swimming to sailing. With products and services like GPS [...]

The Longest Swim Documentary By Doug Stanley

Doug Stanley, a two-time Emmy Award winner and producer of the show "The Deadliest Catch", is making a documentary about Ben Lecomte and The Longest Swim. The technical challenges that Doug will face are considerable, [...]

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