Three’s A Charm For Tony Bailey

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Three is most definitely a charm for Tony Bailey. Not only did the British swimmer finally complete a swim across the English Channel after failed attempts in 2007 and [...]

Positively Polar … The Pirita Open

We watch the ice swimmers of all ages and athletic background, but we still do not know how they do it. But they do in increasing numbers. The Pirita Open is a ice swimming festival [...]

Wristwatches Are A No, But GPS Is A Yes

When Jason Lassen swam across the Catalina Channel in 2010, he channeled the spirit of Captain Matthew Webb in ways that most marathon swimmers do not. Lassen (shown on left) completed his crossing of the [...]

When Boredom Reigns

Usually when a group of masters swimmers gather in a pool without a coach, they can come up with a few good training sets that matches the desires and needs of everyone in the group. [...]

To Be Separated Or Not To Be Separated

At the 2013 FINA Congress in Barcelona, FINA adopted rules that required the swimmer's hands to be separated at the finish touch in both breaststroke and butterfly. Since the word "separated" is subject to interpretation, [...]

A Medley of Choices For Open Water Swimmers

While there are a select few who swim butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke in the open water, the vast majority of open water swimmers focus on freestyle, both in competition and training. But the Open Water [...]

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