Mark Tan Freestyles To His Fourth

Mark Tan Freestyles To His FourthCourtesy of Linda Kaiser, Molokai Channel, Hawaii. Mark Tan has now completed crossings of four major channels in his home state of Hawaii. The firefighter and paramedic originally from Kailua [...]

Swimming In The Dark

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Carl Kawauchi of Honolulu swam the 8.5-mile Pailolo Channel from Maui to Molokai on his fourth career channel in the Hawaiian Islands. Kawauchi has also crossed the Auau Channel [...]

Swimming From Island To Island In Hawaii

The Hawaiian Channel Swim Association (HCSA) is a volunteer-run channel swimming governing body formed in 1984 by Carol Lee Heltzel. The HCSA was established to recognize individuals who have successfully swum across the 9 major [...]