The Parent-Child Relationship In The Open Water

A mother-child relationship never quite changes. When a mother carries her child for 9 months, bears the toll of childbirth (especially in the pre-epidural anesthesia era), and spends countless days caring for that child through [...]

Mini Channel Swims Around The World

The English Channel, the Catalina Channel and the Molokai Channel are well-known open water swimming challenges around the world. It takes hard work and dedication to cross these channels. But are there other warm-water, mini [...]

Momentos Of Channel Swimming Wanted

COVENTRY, England. Karen Throsby Ph.D. of the University of Warwick in England is conducting ongoing research on English Channel swimming. She writes, "I have started work on a paper about what a Channel swim means [...]

What Is An Open Water Swimmer?

It is obviously a channel swimmer. Also a marathon swimmer. But it is also a person who does a Polar Bear Swim and a lifeguard competition. It is also a multi-sport athlete or triathlete, at [...]

Swimming From Island To Island In Hawaii

The Hawaiian Channel Swim Association (HCSA) is a volunteer-run channel swimming governing body formed in 1984 by Carol Lee Heltzel. The HCSA was established to recognize individuals who have successfully swum across the 9 major [...]

Swim With A Buddy, Especially In Cold Water

Breccene Ennis from Dublin swims for the Glenalbyn Masters Swim Club who is scheduled for another shot in the English Channel in 2012 after aborting an earlier English Channel attempt. Breccene talks about a scary [...]

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