Strategic Social Kick Time For Swimmers


Strategic Social Kick Time For Swimmers Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Catalina Channel swimmer Chris Dahowski of Paseo Aquatics understands swimming well the sport of swimming after decades as a national-level age-group, high school [...]

Swim 22 On WOWSA Live


Swim 22 On WOWSA Live Courtesy of WOWSA Live, Huntington Beach, California. This week's WOWSA Live featured Swim 22 - the quartet of Catalina Channel swimmers including David Hartmire, Mike Vovk, Jen Schumacher and Chris [...]

Filming Footage On The High Seas


Nick Gismondi of NBC/Universal and Adam Cook and Gina Maria Allen of PostModern Productions were on Swim22's Mother Ship.On Swim22's four-way Catalina Channel crossing, the filmmaking trio brought a ton of equipment including an underwater [...]