Swimming In The Open Water With Superheroes

H3>Swimming In The Open Water With Superheroes Courtesy of Chris Morgan, KAATSU Specialist. As open water swimmers, many aquatic adventurers have had a feeling or desire to possess an aquatic “super power”… whether we could [...]

Developing Leg Strength For The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. We had the opportunity to observe Coach Tony Rich, a professional triathlete, at Boston University. The personable endurance athlete and coach was in his element, coaching masters swimmers and [...]

KAATSU Aqua To Launch At World Championships

Courtesy of KAATSU Global, Huntington Beach, California. KAATSU Aqua, an aquatic application of KAATSU Training, will launch at the FINA World Aquatics Convention in Doha, Qatar on November 29th. It will be one of the [...]

Circle Patterns Among Swimmers

When two swimmers with common ties meet, there are bound to be a lot of reminiscing. Canadian Olympic swimmer Sean Murphy (on left) and Harvard University swimming coach Chris Morgan bumped into each other in [...]