2016 Cruce Aguas Abiertas Golfo Dulce

Courtesy of Joe Bernini, Costa Rica. The second annual Cruce Aguas Abiertas Golfo Dulce is a three-race open water swim held on September 3rd and 4th in Puerto Jiménez, Golfo Dulce on the Pacific Ocean [...]

A Marathon Alongside A Rainforest

Photo courtesy of Tzirú Pérez. Two decades ago, there were only a few dozen open water swimming competitions over 10 kilometers. Now there are hundreds and, at the current rate, there will undoubtedly more than [...]

Cruising In Costa Rica

Courtesy of Tzirú Pérez. Cruce Aguas Abiertas Golfo Dulce is an three-race open water swimming competition held in Golfo Dulce in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica on September 12th. The distances are 1.5 km, 5 km [...]