4 Long Days, 4 Longer Swims For Kristin Jones

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge has a wonderful way to showcase veteran and emerging marathon swimmers. Last year, Grace van der Byl swept all four legs of the 4-day stage [...]

Darren Miller Honored With The MSF Barra Award

The Marathon Swimmers Forum announced Darren Miller as the recipient of its 2013 Barra Award. Named after famed American channel swimmer David Barra, the Barra Award considers not just swimming achievements, but also the person's [...]

Darren Miller Achieving The Oceans Seven

The people on the global Oceans Seven list truly come from all walks of life. Stephen Redmond is a former rugby player. Anna-Carin Nordin travels without a coach, trainer or entourage of any sort. Michelle [...]

Darren Miller, Larger Than Life

Darren Miller is larger than life and appeared that way at the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Cork, Ireland. Miller, the only person to successfully complete all Oceans Seven channel on his first [...]

Never Giving Up and Doing The Oceans Seven

To kick off the Global Open Water Swimming Conference, Stephen Redmond and Anna-Carin Nordin gave a fascinating swim-by-swim description of their Oceans Seven achievement. The audience was in total rapture. “I had this perfect day, [...]

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