When Things Go South In The North

This summer, the race to the Oceans Seven is on. But the weather does not seem to want to cooperate...so far. Penny Palfrey (Australia), Michelle Macy (USA), Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden), and Darren Miller (USA) have [...]

Positive Reinforcement Verbally In The Open Water

Positive words and encouragement – spoken forcefully among teammates, expressed quietly between two individuals or passionately expressed from the heart – can help lead to positive outcomes and results. As many athletes understand well, their [...]

Time, The Essence Of Life

As people grow older, many find that time is the essence of life; not money or things. This is what we believe many open water swimmers and endurance athletes of all types discover early in [...]

When East And West Meet At The Seashore

When Darren Miller read the Daily News of Open Water Swimming article [here] about preparing and eating squid, he was reminded of his own journey with his brother Matthew to Japan when he successfully crossed [...]

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