Tattoos On Open Water Swimmers

Open water swimmers can be expressive in a variety of ways: verbally or artistically. Some view their skin as part of that public expression. Csaba Gercsak is a two-time Olympian marathon swimmer who combined his [...]

The Japanese Leg Of Oceans Seven

Tsugaru Channel is the Japanese leg of the Oceans Seven. This year, Stephen Redmond, Darren Miller, Craig Lenning, Michelle Macy, Forrest Nelson and Japanese masters swimming relays have conquered this channel. Representatives of the Tsugaru [...]

Tsugaru Channel Challenges

Craig Lenning, who has successfully crossed the North Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and Lake Tahoe as well as completed the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, took his [...]

In The END, Darren Miller Was All WET

Oceans Seven contender Darren Miller is most definitely Barraesque this calendar year. Besides working full-time as a private banker and raising over US$50,000 for Team Forever, Miller has completed the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain [...]

Dude, Stay Relaxed In The Rough Water

When we observed Darren Miller attack the Tsugaru Channel, it definitely was a battle between man and nature. Mother Nature was Goliath, the heavyweight with the upper hand, while Miller was a flyweight facing an [...]

Man vs. Woman vs. Nature In The Oceans Seven

The race to become the first to achieve the Oceans Seven is heating up...from different perspectives: Man vs. Woman. A former world-class swimmer vs. a former rugby player. Speed vs. Acclimatization. Ireland vs. Australia vs. [...]

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