In The END, Darren Miller Was All WET

Oceans Seven contender Darren Miller is most definitely Barraesque this calendar year. Besides working full-time as a private banker and raising over US$50,000 for Team Forever, Miller has completed the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain [...]

Dude, Stay Relaxed In The Rough Water

When we observed Darren Miller attack the Tsugaru Channel, it definitely was a battle between man and nature. Mother Nature was Goliath, the heavyweight with the upper hand, while Miller was a flyweight facing an [...]

Man vs. Woman vs. Nature In The Oceans Seven

The race to become the first to achieve the Oceans Seven is heating up...from different perspectives: Man vs. Woman. A former world-class swimmer vs. a former rugby player. Speed vs. Acclimatization. Ireland vs. Australia vs. [...]

Darren Miller, Climbing Up The Charts

Darren Miller completed the Strait of Gibraltar in 3:42 together with Jen Schumacher, Oliver Wilkinson and Jamie Patrick yesterday to shoot up the Oceans Seven charts. He is now tied for third in the overall [...]

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