Swimmers Are Perfect For This Role

The Planet Earth's pristine seashores, especially in the Pacific Ocean, are decreasing year by year. But there are still plenty of clean places to enjoy. Doug Woodring utilizes the Clean Half of Hong Kong to [...]

Body Surfing In The Clean Half

Doug Woodring is preparing for the Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong for Saturday's race. 45 boats, 8 paddlers, and 55 teams will take part in what is expected to offer good headwinds [...]

Clean Half Turns 50

Doug Woodring has been at the intersection of marine environmentalism and the open water swimming world for many years. There is a natural grassroots fit between the global community interested in resolving the increasingly polluted [...]

Swimmer Taking Leadership On Plastics And The Ocean

It makes sense: the individuals who are optimally positioned to understand the effects of pollution in the world's oceans are open water swimmers. Completely enveloped in the increasingly polluted marine environment, open water athletes swim [...]

Oceanic Big Five Pays Back An IOU

Doug Woodring announced the Oceanic Big Five to celebrate World Oceans Day. "Open water swimmers, surfers, sailors, divers and paddlers have an IOU for the ocean and now it’s time to give back. Get your [...]

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