The Floating Tribe Around The Globe

Novelist Pico Iyer calls his kind, The Floating Tribe. An Indian of blood and ancestry, Iyer was raised and educated in England, but has lived for decades in both Japan and the U.S.A. He is [...]

Channeling Plastics To Enhance Life

...Plastic has become one of the biggest waste pollution problems of our age. Even though all plastics can be recycled, there are serious environmental consequences for throwing them away. The ever-increasing volume of plastic trash [...]

Ecotoxicity Of Marine Plastic Debris

Nature (founded in 1869) is a prestigious, peer-review weekly, international scientific journal founded in 1869. Chelsea M. Rochman (Aquatic Health Program, University of California, Davis), Eunha Hoh (Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State [...]

Kids Ocean Day Brings Attention To Sharks

When young children can see and do something spectacular, it creates a lasting impression. When many of them do something spectacular together, it can create a powerful movement and a lasting mindset. This is what [...]

What A Cool Field Day For Kids

More than 1,000 children and 150 volunteers created spectacular human aerial art on Repulse Bay Beach in Hong Kong today as part of Kids Ocean Day. The group coordinated themselves and formed a shark with [...]

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