Feed And Move Away In The Free Zone

If a bunch of professional marathon swimmers are competing together, it usually causes a huge pack. The pacing, positioning, and drafting skills are called upon. But the safety issue involves feeding. And feeding is done [...]

What Is The Value Of Drafting?

Everyone in the car racing, cycling, triathlon, and open water swimming worlds understands and appreciates the value of drafting in competition. But how much is it worth? That is, how much faster can a swimmer [...]

Will Interleaving and IM Help You Swim Faster?

Quite possibly. Dan McLaughlin, a photographer-turned-golfer, is making scientists around the world rethink what is possible in the field of play. A non-athlete, McLaughlin quit his job and is attempting to scientifically realize his dream [...]

Dynamic Duo Of Drafting

The Open Water Swim Club in Huntington Beach, California occasionally practices drafting and positioning when they train in the pool as well as in the ocean. One of their tougher sets includes two swimmers of [...]

The Etiquette Of Drafting In The Open Water

Among open water swimmers, there are occasionally discussions and debates about the etiquette of drafting in open water races. One such question in the US Masters Swimming forum was direct, "In a draft-legal open water [...]

How Open Water Swimmers Can Learn From Nature

Biomimetrics is a term for taking product design ideas from nature. As scientists, researchers, doctors and engineers are exploring nature to gain an understanding of how novel materials, products and compounds can be designed and [...]

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