Stubby Was Studly

Stubby Kruger was an Olympic swimmer from Honolulu, Hawaii who found his way to the 1920 Antwerp Olympics and later Hollywood where he buddied up with Duke Kahanamoku, Buster Crabbe and Johnny Weissmuller. He was [...]

400 Just For Kicks And Time

It is often said that the fastest swimmers also have the fastest kicks. It has been largely true since the days of Duke Kahanamoku and continues on to the era of Natalie Coughlin and Ryan [...]

On April 1st Ryan Cochrane Heads To The Ice

When we saw Ryan Cochrane, the Olympic 1500m silver medalist, swim in the RCP Tiburon Mile, we thought there was a strong possibility that the Canadian long distance freestyler would transfer his aquatic skills and [...]

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