It’s Feeding Time

Courtesy of WOWSA at the feeding station on Lake Castaic at the 2014 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships. Copyright © 2014 by World Open Water Swimming Association

Hydration Helpings

Coach Rick Walker tells of the time he was on a feeding station at a FINA World Championship event. A swimmer from Guyana swam by the feeding station without stopping or receiving hydration. The next [...]

Petar Stoychev On The Opposite End Of The Stick

It is extremely rare that a highly placed government official, especially a Minister of Sport, is on a feeding station helping hydrate a professional marathon swimmer. But the venerable Petar Stoychev has lived an extraordinarily [...]

Officiating Intent In The Open Water World

Officiating in the sport of open water swimming is difficult. There are numerous examples of physicality* around turn buoys and feeding stations, and at the start, mid-section, and finish of races. The greater the number [...]

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