Open Water Race Directors Do The Right Thing

"The reality is, since 2010, no professional league or amateur association has made more of a change to help player safety than the NFL," says concussion expert Robert Cantu about the National Football League’s recent [...]

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Tom Kean of Henley Swim, commented on the issue related to the maximum water temperature of FINA-sanctioned open water swims (that can allow up to 30 minutes of competitive swimming above 31°C). His father was [...]

Why 31°C FINA? – Part 4

While FINA professional marathon races are usually limited to 80 or fewer athletes, a large majority of amateur swims are flooded with much greater numbers of participants. While FINA-sanctioned races have sufficient boats and safety [...]

FINA Taking It To The Edge – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the series about FINA's new minimum and maximum water temperature rules (read here). In discussions with FINA's Medical Delegate at the 2011 FINA World Swimming Championships in Shanghai, the [...]

FINA Taking It To The Edge – Part 1

FINA's decisions and justifications for its latest open water swimming rules are shocking and irresponsible. In our experience, observations and opinion, there is simply no justification to allow world-class athletes to race 5 km, 10 [...]

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