An Open Letter And Petition To FINA

Brent T. Rutemiller, Publisher of Swimming World Magazine, and Craig Lord, Publisher of SwimVortex, two significantly influential heavyweights in the world of aquatics, wrote a petition and are circulating it via to FINA board [...]

A Champion Mindset Through And Through

When Thomas Lurz just barely touched out Brian Ryckeman, and Martina Grimaldi did the same to Angela Maurer in the FINA World Championships in Barcelona, the fantastic 25 km world championship race spelled the end [...]

Thomas Lurz Goes 4 For 4 And Some More

The 15th FINA World Championships, held in Barcelona, Spain from July 19th to August 4th were the most watched competition in the FINA history. The total TV audience was almost 4.5 billion viewers worldwide. According [...]

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