Luane Rowe, Rare As A Pink Dolphin

It is rare for an open water swimmer to be sponsored as part of an advertising program (Natalue du Toit for Chevolet). It is even more exceedingly rare for an open water specialist to be [...]

Is That A Dome On Your Head?

FINIS announced the immediate availability of the Silicone Dome Cap. The ergonomically developed cap is made of 100% silicone to create a secure fit around the head. Different levels of thickness throughout the cap allow [...]

The Warriors Were Women In The Tiki Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. In the highly popular Tiki Swim in Oceanside, California, the top 3 women in the 2.4-mile swim wore no wetsuits while the top 3 male finishers clad themselves in [...]

Hydro Tracker Is Coming To Europe

The acclaimed Hydro Tracker from FINIS will start shipping directly to customers in Europe for its offices throughout Europe next month. The Hydro Tracker enables swimmers and triathletes to know exactly how far, how fast [...]

FINIS Finds, Fixes Freestyle Flaws Fast

FINIS Finds, Fixes Freestyle Flaws Fast Courtesy of WOWSA, Livermore, California. The new Agility Paddles from FINIS are quite simply cool and a great addition to my training gear. The strapless paddles are a fantastic [...]

A Must-Have For Open Water Swimmers And Triathletes

Goggles and jet travel were game-changers over the past century in the open water world. Goggles enabled training times to lengthen and intercontinental jets made travel significantly faster and easier to different competitions and locations. [...]

Joe Jones Swimming 100,000,000th Yard

ATLANTA. Joe Jones swam the 100,000,000th yard. Virtually speaking. Joe is a user of the Swimsense®. Joe, like thousands of others in pools and open water worldwide, uses the Swimsense® to measure their training mileage [...]

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