Success Across Swim Across America

Courtesy of Rob Butcher, Swim Across America. Swim Across America has always been the leader of fundraising innovation in the open water swimming community. 2016 was no different as its scope and touch in the [...]

Thomas Petersen Living Life To The Fullest

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Thomas Petersen is an active 70-year-old open water swimmer, coach and triathlete from Tampa, Florida. The extraordinarily energetic masters athlete has traveled all over his home state of Florida [...]

Chip Peterson Goes 2 For 2 At Flowers Sea Swim

Courtesy of Lexie Kelly, Georgetown, Cayman Islands. Former world champion Chip Peterson won both the prestigious 1-mile Flowers Sea Swim and the subsequent 10 km marathon swim on Grand Cayman Islands this past weekend. Copyright [...]

Sinclair Flowers, Model Extraordinaire

Sinclair Flowers was born earlier this year in January. Soon, she became the youngest ambassador of a leading open water swim and the inspiration behind the new logo of the annual Flowers Sea Swim in [...]

It Looks Longer From The Water

3-time Olympic medalist Megan Jendrick did her first open water swim this weekend at the Flowers Sea Swim. But her first foray was only one mile. Today, Jendrick successfully completed her first 5 km sea [...]

Nenad Volaric Makes The Cut

Nenad Volaric, a native 30-year-old Croatian living and working in the Cayman Islands at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites, took off his regular shift today. And for good reason: he had his first marathon swim [...]

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