Open Water Prisoners Break Out

Ned Denison came up with an interesting new concept for the open water swimming world: a series of swims from former isolated prison islands where convicts have given way to open water swimmers. Ned compiled [...]

Buenos Días Swimmers In Baja California

Simon Murie, founder of SwimTrek teamed up with Gary Emich, known as Mr. Alcatraz, down south in the tropically warm waters of Baja California for a new SwimTrek in Mexico."Based in the tranquil and stunning [...]

The Baykeeper TransBay Relay Benefit Swim

Gary Emich of San Francisco announced the inaugural Baykeeper TransBay Relay Benefit Swim.Baykeeper is the pollution watchdog for San Francisco Bay. Since 1989, Baykeeper has been holding polluters accountable and strengthening clean water laws for [...]

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