Swimming To Mikkelvik Brygge

Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Mikkelvik Brygge (located at 70° 3' 12.312'' N 19° 1' 55.2396'' E) on the Norway Ice Swimming Expedition in northern Norway. Ger Kennedy is leading Norway Ice Swimming Expedition in northern [...]

Antarctica 2020

Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Antarctica 2020. Ger Kennedy announced the expedition goals of the Antarctica 2020. "Antarctica 2020 is an environmental swim that will create awareness for two non-protected, potential Marine Protected Areas in the [...]

Ger Kennedy’s Antarctica 2020 Swim

Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Southern Ocean, Antarctica. UN Environment Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh is raising awareness about the need to protect Antarctica's seas through a series of swims under extreme conditions. He wishes [...]

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