Hundred For Hannah By Kerri Kanuga

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The FKCC Swim Around Key West is the southernmost swim in the continental U.S. A 12.5-mile warm-water marathon race at the tip of Florida, the June 14th race draws [...]

Either Eyes Forward Or To The Side

Penny Palfrey is shown being escorted by Jeff Kozlovich in the red kayak and Richard Clifford in the blue kayak. Throughout the 41-hour 6-minute swim, Kozlovich and Clifford kept Palfrey at their side as they [...]

Grand Cayman Open Water Swim Map

If you enjoy warm water filled with marine life with a clarity and tranquility rarely matched anywhere in the world, the Cayman Islands is one of the world's greatest locations is enjoy open water swimming. [...]

The Colors Of Open Water Swimming

Color can provide a hint at the temperature of the water. If it is white onshore, especially with a gray covering above, it is cold. Often bitterly cold, the welcomed venue for extreme swimmers. "I [...]

The Coastal Framework Of Copacabana Beach

Open water swimmers understand the dynamic personality of the oceans, bays, and lakes where they ply their trade. And they also get to enjoy the landmarks and coastal differences, from lighthouses to volcanoes, from soft [...]