Sarah Thomas Is Beyond Incredible

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Sarah Thomas has been swimming in Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border for 45 hours 34 minutes (as of this posting), traversing 108.5 km (67.4 miles) through one of [...]

Thomas Tribe Takes On Tough Trial

Courtesy of Sarah Thomas, Lake Powell on the Arizona- Utah border. Sarah Thomas of Colorado has quite a resume of marathon swims around the world. But if there is a sweet spot in her resume, [...]

A Long Adventure In The Bahamas By Jamie Patrick

The Long Swim - Jamie Patrick from Jamie Patrick from Adventure Swim Productions. The Long Swim crew included father Jim Patrick, wife Teresa Patrick, Matt Richardson, Jen Schumacher, Janet Manning, Breanne Melconian, Lynn Kubasek, Asha [...]

It Was A Journey Through Some Dark Places

Courtesy of Jamie Patrick's support team on The Long Swim somewhere near the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean. "Jamie [Patrick] had an extraordinary swim [78-mile (125 km) attempt in the Bahamas today]. He endured nearly [...]

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