Far Out In The Far East, Swimming In Japan

Foreign visitors to Japan can get confused. The Japanese writing is indecipherable and few Japanese speak English - or other non-Japanese languages - well. On visiting Japan and just getting around, there are innumerable choices [...]

These Islands Are Ours – Korea vs. Japan

Whether it is in a gym or hallways of political centers, there has been division between Japan and Korea. Neighbors? Yes. Friends? That is debatable. Last week when South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak visited a [...]

Do A Swim That Has Never Been Done Before

The world is covered 70% with water ... presenting almost unlimited opportunities to do unprecedented open water swims. Swim from point a to point B, swim across a lake, swim around an island, swim between [...]

Nation Comes Together In Land Of Disasters

Japan has 108 active volcanoes and experiences destructive earthquakes and tsunamis several times each century.  During these times, the strong character of the Japanese people shines.  They help each other, they reach out, they form even [...]

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