10 Untruths In Open Water Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Open water swimming coaches have knowledge about physiology, training methodologies, nutrition, hydration, racing strategies, marine life, the marine environment, marine conditions, and the psychology of the swimmers who they [...]

The Perfect Open Water Swimming Venue

The perfect open water swimming venue, if it ever existed, would have the following elements: 1. A beautiful sunset every evening. 2. A gorgeous sunrise every morning. 3. An occasional lightning storm that lights up [...]

What If? Lexie Kelly

We asked professional marathon swimmer Lexie Kelly from Long Beach, California a series of "What if?" questions. Here are her answers: Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What if you saw a shark underneath you [...]

Look Up In The Bayou

Open water swimmers are fully aware of the danger of sharks, jellyfish, orcas, sea snakes, needlefish, giant squid, polar bears, leopard seals, hippos and piranha. They also know about the dangers of swimming with alligators [...]

Compliments In The Open Water Swimming World

"You're an animal..." ...is a great compliment for swimmers, either training or racing. But it is much less a compliment when stated to someone on land. "Conditions were terrible..." ...is a credit to a swimmer's [...]

Helping Friends With Jellyfish

When the American television program Friends produced a segment about using urine as a means to help with jellyfish stings, it set back the good work of Angel Yanagihara and the proper message by the [...]

Fin…But Not Fini

Lynn Kubasek, a nominee for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year, had a great year in 2013. It was a great comeback from 2012 when she experienced an uncharacteristic DNF. Photo [...]

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