With A Valiant Heart, Nothing Is Impossible

Back in 1955, the young Gilles Potvin peeked over the shoulder of a big-city newspaper reporter from Montreal. The reporter was covering the unprecedented crossing of lac St-Jean by Jacques Amyot. "Jacques Amyot just accomplished [...]

The Different Generations Of Open Water Swimming

Anthropologists, genealogists, historians and the media often refer to different generations when explaining trends and demographic changes or characteristics in history. People occasionally talk about the Lost Generation (with an average birth date of 1914), [...]

Round And Round They Swam 24 Hours In 15°C

Older generations often tell younger people of the tremendous trials and tribulations of their youth and how much more difficult it was "back then" compared with contemporary times. Younger people tend to brush off the [...]

The Media Waves Of Open Water Swimming

Figuratively speaking, open water swimming has always seemed to evolve in waves over the generations. Like the ocean swells and tides that swimmers face, it seems major media coverage of the sport comes and goes. [...]

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