Twice, Thrice As Nice In The English Channel

Thousands of athletes have challenged themselves to cross channels around the world: English Channel, Catalina Channel, Molokai Channel, Tsugaru Channel, North Channel, Cook Strait, Strait of Gibraltar. But 37 times, an intrepid endurance athlete has [...]

John & Tammy Van Wisse On WOWSA Live

John & Tammy Van Wisse On WOWSA Live Courtesy of WOWSA Live, Huntington Beach, California. Tammy and John van Wisse, an extraordinarily dynamic brother-and-sister marathon swimming duo from Australia, will appear on Open Water Wednesday [...]

Open Water Swimming Slang – Bioprene

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Out in the open water - especially while swimming in the middle of the Cook Strait, Molokai Channel, Catalina Channel, Rottnest Channel, Farallon Islands or anywhere in Cape Town, [...]

Teaming Up Around Manhattan Island

Chloe Mccardel won yesterday's Manhattan Island Marathon Swim with an outstanding crew who kept her going against second-place Jaime Caballero."Many thanks to my wonderful paddler Niles Furlong who was assisted by paddler Richard Clifford, boat [...]

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