The New Stillwater 8

The New Stillwater 8 Courtesy of Michelle Macy, Portland, USA. Oceans Seven swimmer and Hall of Famer Michelle Macy announced the new and improved Stillwater 8. Macy first announced the solo marathon swimming challenge across [...]

Swimmers Have A Certain GLOW

Swimmers Have A Certain GLOW Courtesy of WOWSA, Coronation Park Beach, Canada. Between September 28th and 29th for 24 consecutive hours, the Great Lakes Trust will host a GLOW adventures 24-hour open water swimming event [...]

The Black Shark Handled CNE’s Cold Water

Unidentified swimmers from the 1927 Canadian National Exhibition race in Toronto. Unidentified swimmers from the 1930 Canadian National Exhibition race in Toronto. After 17-year-old Toronto swimmer George Young won the 1927 Wrigley Ocean Marathon Swim [...]

Butterfly And Boulder, Breaking Barriers

Courtesy of Butterfly and Boulder about Vicki Keith. A great backstory of Vicki Keith's swim across Lake Ontario was written by Patrick Kennedy of The Whig-Standard here, called 'Butterfly and Boulder'.

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