3 Legends Organise 3 Races In Champions Cup

Legendary Russians professional marathon swimmers - Evgeny Bezruchenko, Vladimir Dyatchin and Larisa Ilchenko - have organized a open water swimming competition called the Champions Cup. The Champions Cup consists of three stages in Russia. The [...]

The Perfect Female Open Water Swimmer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. If there were an opportunity to magically create the perfect female open water swimmer, what would be involved? The swimmer would be able to swim well in cold water, [...]

Tweeting Tons Together

Way back in the distant past of online social media, we were tweeting from the NBC studios during the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. As we managed the online commentary [...]

Spatial Awareness In The Open Water

Spatial awareness is a critical talent that can be developed by an open water swimmer and triathlete. If an athlete is not gifted with innate spatial awareness, then they must work on it to improve. [...]

The Different Generations Of Open Water Swimming

Anthropologists, genealogists, historians and the media often refer to different generations when explaining trends and demographic changes or characteristics in history. People occasionally talk about the Lost Generation (with an average birth date of 1914), [...]

When Love And Open Water Swimming Mix

Love seems to be in the salt water air more often in the open water swimming world lately. Marriages between Christian and Nadine Reichert of Germany, Damian Blaum of Argentina and Esther Nuñez of Spain, [...]

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