Heading Around Huntington

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Swim Long Beach, an ocean and pool swimming pod, and the Open Water Swim Club, had an early morning ocean practice around the Huntington Beach pier yesterday. The practice [...]

A Positive Mindset For Brain Surgery

Dr. Lyle Nalli was surprised when his hearing went out after he hopped out of workout one day. "I just couldn't hear with my left ear," said the 53-year-old podiatrist from Huntington Beach, California. "I [...]

The Physiology Of Chafing In Salt And Fresh Water

HUNTINGTON BEACH. There are three types of chafing: skin-on-skin, fabric-on-skin and hair-on-skin. chafing can be caused by stroke technique, sighting, swimsuit types, salt concentration in the water, water temperature, facial hair, duration in the water, [...]

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