Ka’iwi Channel Swimmers Association Grows

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Bill Goding and Linda Kaiser started the Ka'iwi Channel Swimmers Association and are offering certificates to all 28 of the past successful swimmers of the 26-mile Molokai Channel. "We [...]

Parenting In The Open Water – Part 1

Parenting is a joy as much as it can be challenge. But parenting of an open water swimmer takes on special meanings for parents who are experienced in open water swimming and, especially, those who [...]

An Ocean Swimmer Fighting Back

Doug Rice has been one of the fixtures of the ocean swimming community in Hawaii since 1975. Always smiling, always up for an ocean swim no matter what the conditions were, the college educator was [...]

You’re Going To Do What?!?

In a continuation of the You're Going To Do What?!? series, the following is another true story regarding the marathon swims of teenage Mackenzie Miller of Honolulu, Hawaii. Father: Hey dear, I just heard about [...]

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