The Explorers Club In The Open Water World

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The Explorers Club was founded in New York City in 1904 to promote the scientific exploration of land, sea, air, and space. The Club supports research and education in [...]

Jose Diaz Achieves Success With Nadandolibre

Individuals who have been previous recipients of the World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year include race directors and swimming promoters (Randy Nutt in 2008), professional marathon swimmers (Petar Stoychev in 2009), watermen who [...]

Craig Dietz, From America To Africa

Craig Dietz, The Limbless Waterman, has had quite a year. From speaking at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference to completing a 5.1 km swim and appearing on American television, he has been on the [...]

Who Is The Ocean Recovery Alliance?

Ocean Recovery Alliance is an international group of hard-working, passionate, creative individuals who bring new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity and collaborations to help improve our oceans. They are creating and introducing innovative projects and [...]

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