1 More Down For Antonio Argüelles

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. After twice completing the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming during his career, Antonio Argüelles is now jaunting off with the Oceans Seven channels in sight. But Argüelles purposefully [...]

Giving It With All Their Hearts

Nora Toledano, Mariel Hawley Dávila, Antonio Argüelles and Pat Gallant-Charette are helping lead a health wellness revolution in Mexico. "Mexico's Swim for Your Heart was a huge success with over 21,000 swimmers participating. 21,000 swimmers [...]

Días Azules By Mariel Hawley Dávila

Días Azules is a new book on open water swimming by Mariel Hawley Dávila, the first Mexican woman to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. Her book is much more than a recollection [...]

A Celebration Of Catalina Channel Champions

While the Channel Swimming Association was honoring its heroes and heroines of the 2012 season in the Dover Town Hall, their Pacific Ocean colleagues of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation were honoring its own champions [...]