Accolades To Amy

Accolades To Amy Courtesy of WOWSA, Redondo Beach, California. On June 8th 2019, Amy Appelhans Gubser became the third person in history to swim across the 43.4 km Santa Monica Bay between Point Dume in [...]

It’s Huge. The Big Richard Redux

Marathon runners describe the Badwater Ultramarathon as the world's toughest foot race. Triathletes talk reverently about the Ironman Hawaii. Marathon swimmers put themselves on the map with a crossing of the English Channel. Badwater, Ironman, [...]

Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Waterman

Watermen and waterwomen are individuals who are considered by their peers and the marine sports community to be well-adept, experienced and highly skilled in various marine sports and aquatic activities, performed safely and courageously in [...]

Dan O’Connor Radiating Heat

Dan O'Connor is used to swimming in warm water, very warm water. So when he joined his teammates and friends swimming around Naples Island in Long Beach, California for his first (relatively) cold water swim, [...]

Spatial Awareness In The Open Water

Spatial awareness is a critical talent that can be developed by an open water swimmer and triathlete. If an athlete is not gifted with innate spatial awareness, then they must work on it to improve. [...]

3 Long Beach Waterman Complete The Big Richard

Renowned watermen Matty Mitchell, Jon McMullen, and Peter Joseph took 7 hours 56 minutes to complete the marathon biathlon The Big Richard. It was an unprecedented attempt to run-swim-run-swim their way up the Southern California [...]

Swimmer Singing Streamline

Matty Mitchell, creator of the Big Richard, created the underground hit single Streamline, a snappy ditty about swimming. Streamline I lost my mind Got caught up on the lane line But it was all fine [...]

Dynamic Duo Croon Carols

Matty Mitchell and Hank Wise, two charismatic crooners who were former world-class swimmers, created a three-part set of lyrics, chants, songs and team cheers for pool and open water swimmers. The dynamic duo from Long [...]

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