Do You Krave GU Or Maxim In The Open Water?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. In the open water swimming community, many foods and drinks are discussed. Many swimmers have strong opinions on what is to eat and drink during training and before and [...]

Pizza For Open Water Swimmers

Channel swimmers swear by jelly babies and Maxim. Competitive marathon swimmers stick gel packs in their swimsuits. And open water swimmers and triathlete of all ages and abilities enjoy good meals after their workouts and [...]

The Language of Open Water Swimming

Social scientists estimate that most adults have a vocabulary of 60,000 words. In order to achieve that linguistic level, children learn up to 20 new words per day until they reach the age of 18. [...]

Open Water Swimmers Going Through Security

Open water swimmers take all kinds of things with them on their travels, through airports and on boats. GPS units, feeding sticks, hand paddles, whistles, bags of goo, lanolin, and tubs of powdered drink formulations. [...]

How Do You Know You’re A Marathon Swimmer?

Endurance athletes in every sport are a breed apart. They are often more cerebral than celebrated, more introverted than extroverted, more inspirational than arrogant. They know what they want and they set an agenda to [...]