24 Hours Of Swimming In 4 Minutes

Video of the 2015 24 Hour Swim Relay courtesy of Lisa Amorao, Cathy Harrington, Laura Leahy, Anne Whalen McLindon, Melissa King and Suzie Dods from Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay." Copyright © 2015 by [...]

That Moment Of Exhilaration…And Afterwards

Every swimmer remembers the feeling of finishing an open water swim, especially a marathon swim, competitive race, or channel crossing. The feeling is great. But what happens afterwards? We asked Kimberly Chambers who just completed [...]

Lynn Kubasek’s Snowmen Do Not Melt In Cold Water

Catalina Channel swimmer Lynn Kubasek and her open water swimming friends in Orange County swim year-round off the beaches of Southern California.The famed soap-making Channel Observer with a ubiquitous smile, provided these snowman swim caps [...]