Finishing Can Be Cruel…But Enlightening

Outside Kyoto, there is a 46,000-kilometer undertaking where selected Japanese monks must walk, meditation and pray in the Kaihōgyō ritual for 1,000 days. Their road to enlightenment and process of self-denial requires requires incredible stamina [...]

Michael Read, Today On WOWSA Live

Michael Read, Today On WOWSA Live Courtesy of WOWSA Live, Huntington Beach, California. An epic swim. Michael Read did them. Over and over and over again. He is a legend. Like few others in the [...]

Age Is No Limit In The English Channel

There is a growing trend to older individuals attempting and succeeding at marathon swims. 64-year-old Sue Oldham of Australia set another bar for this demographic with her 17 hour and 11 minute crossing of the [...]

What Feels Colder? What Feels Warmer?

The open water swimming community is an understated global resource with an incalculable amount of cumulative experience. The worldwide community is a treasure of mankind’s collective knowledge about open water swimming where people share information [...]

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